Mutant Football League (MFL)

Created by Michael Mendheim

Mutant Football League is an NFL Blitz arcade-style football game, with nasty mutants, ferocious monsters, deadly chainsaws, and lots of gory player deaths, along with some edgy, satirical humor that parodies America's favorite sport. This is the next generation, spiritual successor to the classic retro game, Mutant League Football,

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about 7 years ago – Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 09:36:46 PM

Through stretch goals, MFL backers have earned 2 additional teams, and are charging towards a 3rd one! Thank you!!!

As the teams pile up, the MFL team would like to share the plan for teams in the game with you.  Prior to the Kickstarter campaign, we had planned for 14 teams.  Through the Kickstarter, 2 more teams were bought, and 2 more have been earned via stretch goals.

Now we would like the MFL community to decide what the next 2 teams in the game will be.  This will bring us to 20 teams when all are stretched.  Below is the current plan, and then a link to the survey for you to vote!


MFL Team Plan

Teams Currently in Game:

  • 1- Blitzburgh Steelheads
  • 2- Cardinal Sins
  • 3- Croakland Invaders
  • 4- Deadlanta Vultures
  • 5- Galaxy Chaos (Fantasy / All Alien Team)
  • 6- Grim Bay Attackers
  • 7- Malice Hellboys
  • 8- Microhard Mutilators
  • 9- Midway Mutants
  • 10- Mile High Chronic
  • 11- Nuked London Hatriots
  • 12- Orcs of Hazzard (Fantasy / All Orc Team)
  • 13- Scarolina Panzers
  • 14- Tokyo Terminators (Fantasy / All Robot Team)

Teams in development which were cut (Stretch Goals):

  • 15- New Yuck Tyrants (Stretch Goal #1)
  • 16- Insane Cults (Stretch Goal #2)

Additional Stretch Goals:

  • 17- TBD Stretch Goal #3 (community votes!)
  • 18- TBD Stretch Goal #4 (community votes!)

Teams Bought on Kickstarter:

  • 19- Team from Cleveland (Purchased on Kickstarter / Asif)
  • 20- TBD Team (Purchased on Kickstarter / Lola)


Take the Additional Teams Survey here:

about 7 years ago – Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 09:35:14 PM


Asif Khan of needs your help.  Asif splurged on the "Own an MFL Team" tier, and wants to make sure his team has a great name.  As a fan of Cleveland sports, Asif wants his team to be a parody of the Browns.  We asked the MFL community to offer suggestions in exchange for the chance to win an opportunity to design a play and name a player in the game.  Working with Asif, we've narrowed down the suggestions and are asking the MFL community once again for their opinion.  Help Asif name his team by taking the "That Cleveland Team" survey:

Asif will consider the survey when he chooses the winning name, but he does not need to pick the name that scores the highest; he only needs to consider it.

To be clear, just because a winner is selected, it is up to Asif and Michael to make the final decision regarding if the winning team name is the one which will appear in the game.  There are a lot of good suggestions though, so huge thank you to all who contributed.

Where's the Perma-Death?
about 7 years ago – Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 10:09:07 PM

Hi everyone,

We’re cruising toward that 100k goal, while smashing through stretch goals as we make our way towards the endzone. THANK YOU MFL BACKERS!!! We are deeply humbled and grateful to all of you.

We’ve got lots of news in this update so be sure to read through it.

Demo Update – "Die and stay Dead!"

Justin Woods sent us a message asking about deaths, I responded to him by saying, you're playing the Preview Build, which has the options set on Resurrection mode by default. This is a more casual and fun way to play the game, which we thought would be best for the Preview demo. Players who die, are resurrected for the next play.

However in the actual game when Resurrection Mode is turned off (and it will be by default) players who die, STAY DEAD and the team now has 1 less player on its roster. By killing the opposing team’s starters (and star players) the team gets significantly weaker as they lose more and more players.

You can also systematically kill the opposing team’s running backs and then they will lose all their running plays. If you kill all their Quarterbacks they will need to forfeit. So it essentially becomes a completely different game tactics wise. So when you use Bombs Away - you should target the opposing team’s best cornerback. Once he's dead, your starting receiver has a weaker guy covering him. Reserves who replace starters are not as good. 

Ivan our tech lead made a few adjustments to the build, so now if you go to the Option Screen you can change Resurrection Mode to OFF and any players who died during the previous play will not be resurrected. This means that players who die will STAY DEAD!!!

So check it out and let us know if you enjoy this mode. If you do, please thank IVAN and Justin Woods!

Now that deaths are occurring in the preview build here are some thoughts for strategy and Tactics using Dirty Tricks:

Dirty Tricks

Kill Ref:

Kill ref is used mainly for multiplayer games, when your opponent calls a "Bribe Ref" Dirty Trick. The ref's will start calling BS penalties against your team at the worst times (like after you score). To put an end to it, you will need to kill the ref. This is an unlimited Dirty Trick. 

Bombs Away:

Kills the other teams Cornerback (as he tries to go for an interception). When the pass is thrown, you will need to switch to your targeted receiver and quickly move him away from ball marker.

Zap Attack:

This is a defense audible, which electrocutes the players on the opposing team. Electrocuting the ballcarrier usually causes a fumble.

I’m quite certain you guys have Ginormous, Flame-on and Chainsaw figured out.

Results from  MFL Cleveland Team Naming Contest

The names are in and we’ll pass those over to Asif Kahn who will pick his top 7 favorite names. Then we’ll run a survey and everyone can vote for their favorites.

When Asif chooses the winning name, he will consider the survey but he does not need to pick the name that scores the highest in the survey, he only needs to consider it.

Now to be clear, just because a winner has been selected, it’s up to Asif and myself to make the final call regarding if the winning team name is the one which will appear in the game. There are a lot of good suggestions though, so huge thanks to everyone who contributed.


Retro Mutant League Flashback

Pulled these out of the vault. Thought you guys would enjoy this!





MFL Top Press Hits

The man!!! Karak Malanthrax interview!

written by Bryan Wiedey

Written by Billy D


This one is sooo funny by iMAV3RIQ

iMAV3RIQ you rock!!!!


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4. Keeps track of all the player you killed in MFL!!


Check it out here:
 running name that Cleveland Team contest for Asif Khan!!!
about 7 years ago – Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 08:56:03 PM


Mutant Football League has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal with still more than 20 days left. But that's not the real reason for this update. The truth is that the dev team is holding a "Name That Team" Contest for a team from Cleveland, purchased by our own Man with the Briefcase, Asif Khan.

Now, Asif wants this to be a parody name. We all know his love for Cleveland sports, so we want to enlist Shack fans to come up with some names that fit well with the undead, gory football theme of MFL. Asif suggested the Steamland Cleavers as a starting point, but there are plenty of options. Entries must be posted to the game's official Facebook page, with a winner being chosen by Asif on February 21. The winner will receive the "Design and Name Your Own Play" reward, and also be able to name a player in the game. The lucky stiff will also be listed as an "additional writer" for the game. If two entries are the same, the first poster wins.

One caveat: Asif reserves the right to change the winning name down the road. You would still be the winner and get the goodies, but you know how he is with Cleveland teams. He'd micromanage them too, if he could.

Mutant Football League was seeking $60,000 for the game, and has already received more than $84,000. And yes, some of that is Asif's money, so consider that your disclaimer. 

about 7 years ago – Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 02:32:53 PM


We just passed our 85K stretch goal so we thought we would update your Sneak Peek Preview Build and let you now play with ALIENS!!!

You've also asked OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER for one set of specific Dirty Tricks, and we've delivered; FINALLY you can have fun with BRIBE REF and KILL REF. We've also tweaked some other aspects including stamina! 

This is still a first pass and a bit rough but the MFL Team wanted to say thanks in some way - so have fun with some intergalactic assailants on the gridiron!

Also, a huge thanks to the following MFL community members who worked their butts off to help us deliver this update. They fixed exploits and a other few nasty bugs so we could get this in your hands. 

  • Kurt Biven (Kyote9) 
  • John Smith (Krebstarr)
  • Jared (KyloRen)